Visions of Kenny Rogers with four hungry children (or “400 children”- how I sang it as a child) kept dancing in my head as I painted this last bovine beauty. I love the golden tones in contrast with the cool purples that you can enhance when painting white-faced cows.

I have been working the past few months on some commissions…a cat, a car, and some cows (of course). Next, I will post three LARGE girls (cows) that can be found in Franklin, TN at Gallery 202… I just bid them farewell this morning. Little sad to see them go, but I will show them off to you real soon.

If interested in Lucile, here is a link to my etsy shop-


Carmen - by Cari Humphry 20x24

I scored a terrific shot of thisĀ bovine fromĀ an editor for the Arkansas Cattlemen’s Association. I love the smokey atmosphere and the blue-gray is a nice compliment with the burnt sienna of the cow.×24-original

Callie’s Nest

Callie's Nest - Original Painting by Cari Humphry

This is a custom painting that I just varnished over the weekend. The client wanted loose and impressionistic strokes, but other than that she gave me free reign (which is preferred, of course)!Ā I have painted some nests using this color combination before, but never in this composition and scale. This painting is 30″ wide and 12″ tall. I hope she is pleased…